UEB Braille Transcribers Study Group



Welcome to USIMAC's Transcribers Study Group

Thank you for your interest in learning braille and working towards becoming a braille transcriber. Please register at: www.nfb.org/braille-transcribing Click on "How to Enroll" and "Complete application online"


Put your personal information in first and then list the following:

Software Used: Perky Duck

Local Group Name: USIMAC

Address: 742 Harrison Blvd, Ogden UT 84404

Group Chairman: Hollie Murdock

Phone: 801-629-4700


Instructor: If your last name starts with A-L your instructor is Laurie MacKenzie. If your last name starts with M-Z your instructor is Marie Parker.

Your instructors address is the same at the USIMAC address.

You are considered a Print reader.

Complete with your personal information at the end and click "register".


Please go back to www.nfb.org/braille-transcribing and click on "Instruction Manual". Please read through the Introductory Materials PDF, Lesson 1 PDF, and Lesson 2 PDF. Please complete all drills and reading practices in both Lesson 1 and Lesson 2. Then complete the exercise at the end of Lesson 2 (using the Perky Duck software) and email this to usimactranscribers@usdb.org. Your lessons will be graded on Monday and Thursdays only so please be patient. Please make sure you have proofread your work. You must receive a minimum of 80% on the first submission of your lessons and 100% after the instructors have let you know where your errors are (ie: 1 error on page 1, 3 errors on page 2, etc). You will have to find your errors and resubmit your lesson with a 100% score. If you fall under 80% on your first submission more than 4 times you won't be able to continue with our study group and you will have to complete the certification on your own. NFB requires a minimum of 80% or higher when you do your final manuscript (lesson 20). We follow their grading requirements in our study group to prepare you for your final manuscript.