Ordering Policies and Procedures

March 6, 2017

Dear Special Education Directors, TVIs, and Itinerants:


We have recently updated our simple step-by-step process for ordering alternate format materials from the USIMAC.  These processes will help ensure that all orders are submitted accurately, completely, and are ready for procurement/production for your students with print disabilities.

Policies and Procedures for
Ordering Alternate Format Materials from USIMAC

  1. The TVI/Itinerant determines which books their student needs and which formats are required.
  2. The TVI/Itinerant fills out the Chafee Eligible Referral Form and the USIMAC Order Form for each student. (Both forms can be located on our website at www.usimac.org) They are available in a fillable .pdf format.
  3. The TVI/Itinerant encrypts both forms and attaches them in an email to orders@usimac.org. Instructions on encrypting files can be found on our website at www.usimac.org, in the Forms tab directly under the Order Form SY 2017-18.
  4. Once the order is received, USIMAC will send an email confirmation within 1 business day to the TVI/Itinerant who placed the order.  (If you don’t receive this confirmation, please contact the USIMAC Customer Service line at (801) 629-4706 or (801) 629-4783 to ensure your order was received.)
  5. USIMAC will review the order and determine if the books can be purchased or need to be produced.
  6. If the book needs to be produced, USIMAC will request a hard copy of the book from the TVI/Itinerant within 5 business days to be cut and scanned. (These books can be returned to you once we are finished with them; however we have limitations when rebinding and it won’t be returned in the same condition it was received. Please see USIMAC Re-binding Limitations found on our website under the Guidelines tab.
  7. Once USIMAC receives your completed textbook order, Chafee AND a hard copy of the book (if necessary), the order is complete and USIMAC will begin procurement or production. Until all criteria have been met, the order will remain incomplete. Orders are placed in the que based on the date they are deemed “complete orders”, not necessarily on the date the order was received.  Please check your email regularly to ensure prompt follow through regarding hard copies. After 3 attempts to obtain a hard copy your order will be cancelled and must be resubmitted, therefore the process will restart.
  8. All COMPLETE orders received BEFORE April 1st of the prior school year will be guaranteed to be 100% ready before the start of the following school year in August. Any orders that reach a COMPLETE status AFTER April 1st will be procured or produced in the order that they are received and are not guaranteed to be ready prior to the start of school in August.
  9. To ensure prompt delivery of your order, please verify the address you have selected on your original Textbook Request Form. Make contact with the office it is being shipped to so they are aware of textbook arrivals, as we ship year-round, including summer months. Please note two attempts will be made during this process; if your books are returned for a third time arrangements will need to be made to pick them up from our Ogden Location. We would hate to see your student’s books lost, misplaced, and undeliverable or returned.
  10. If at all you selected and plan to pick up your materials from our pick up location an appointment is now required so that we can better serve you. Appointments need to be made 1 week in advance, with the exception of the beginning of school, at least 48 hours prior to your schools 1st start day. Call Jody Nelson at, 801-629-4729 or email at jodyn@usdb.org
  11. Canceling orders and student changes. Please notify us ASAP when you need to cancel a book or your student changes classes, schools, teachers, districts etc. This will keep our production efficient and focuses our time, materials and resources on books that are actually needed.
  12. End of year returns. Each Patron will receive a complete list of all materials they currently have checked out towards the end of the school year. The list must be reviewed- and all items must be returned by June 30th of every school year. Any items not returned will be assessed and a fee may be applied for the current replacement cost. Any fines or fees will be evaluated based on age, circulation, etc. of the material. We will no longer be renewing any items, as we operate a repository. This is important so that materials are being utilize during each school year; we have seen students waiting for the production of books when another district has extra copies not being used.

We hope this helps to better explain the process of ordering. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at orders@usimac.org or via telephone on our customer service line at (801) 629-4706 or 801-629-4783


We have had several individuals ask similar questions regarding the ordering process; therefore we have provided answers to a few “Frequently Asked Questions” to help resolve any concerns you may have. If your question is not answered in our procedure above, please don’t hesitate to email or call. We would be more than happy to help in any way we can.

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