Frequently ask questions

APH Policies

How will APH Funds be used to purchase student materials?

USIMAC will reserve up to 50% of the total Utah funding to use for Braille, Large Print and other alternate format textbooks ordered for eligible students by LEAs. USIMAC will then designate the other 50% of the total Utah funding to LEAs based on the federal formula set by APH. LEAs can use their designated funds for any items offered through APH. 

Please review the APH Funds Policies for 2018-19 here.

Large Print

Is it OK if I just run off my Large Print on a printer at my school? 


All Large Print materials must be scanned and cleaned up using a computer process to eliminate any unclear lines or excess “garbage” that could potentially confuse the student. This process makes the final product clear and readable.


Do I have to order my materials from USIMAC?  


LEAs are welcome to procure/produce the materials on their own. However, the materials must be procured or produced by someone that will meet the accessible needs of the student. If a District chooses to procure or produce the items themselves they will then be responsible for 100% of the cost. Once you sign the MOU, you can receive services for all of your eligible students under the Chafee amendment 

What are the benefits of ordering from the USIMAC?  

There are a few benefits of ordering from USIMAC versus producing or procuring the materials on your own:  

  • All USIMAC Braillist and Braille Proofreaders are LOC Certified or in the process of becoming LOC certified in Literary, Nemeth and UEB.   
  • All materials created by USIMAC are put through a rigorous double proofreading process to ensure accuracy.   
  • Once you sign the MOU, you can receive services for all of your eligible students with no additional costs. 

If I have a Bookshare or Learning Ally (RFB&D) account, do I have to have my books downloaded through USIMAC? 

No.   If your District already has an account, you are welcome to download the books yourself and burn them to a CD or place them on an SD card. This is a service that USIMAC provides to help with the technical production. (Keep in mind that if you choose to use USIMAC, this service would be covered under our opt in program) 

Will I get to keep my books? 

No.  USIMAC is a repository and lending works similar to public libraries; books are on loan to you.  Any books not returned or returned damaged, will be invoiced to your school district/ charter school.  


Do I need to order an entire textbook or can I just order the chapters that the student needs? 

You can just order the chapters needed.
This is a great option if we are working on a strict timeline (less than 12 weeks notice). 

Do I need to provide a pacing guide for my Braille materials?


A pacing guide is required for each student’s class ahead of time in order to best determine which chapters are needed. You can order either the entire book or just the chapters the student needs.

How long does it take to produce a book in Braille once the order has been completely submitted? 

Approximately 12 months from start to finish depending on the size and complexity.  

When will I get my books?
Book orders are processed and produced in the order they are received, so it can take up to 12 months to complete a book. We will mail volumes as soon as they are completed throughout the year. 

Are there other alternatives while I am waiting for the Braille materials to be completed.

Yes. Other alternatives are available, such as brf files, MP3s, etc. Call customer service for more information.