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PBN Requirements

Becoming a PBN Vendor with USIMAC 2020 (pdf)




Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of USIMAC's Preferred Braille Network (PBN). While we transcribe all forms of braille (including UEB, UEB Math, EBAE, Nemeth, Music, and Foreign Language), our greatest need right now is UEB Math. If you are not currently certified in UEB Math we still encourage you to apply to join the network as you work towards your math certifications (UEB Technical Proficiency Test), please visit CNIB Foundation UEB Technical.

In order to become part of the USIMAC's PBN Approved Vendor List you must first be a certified braille transcriber, we accept certificates from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States LOC Braille Certification. 

To begin our approval process, start by watching our mandatory PBN PowerPoint Webinar, this webinar is updated every January with the most relevant information on becoming a PBN, obtaining work, contract procedures and changes, agency guidelines and payment process. Once you have completed our webinar, you can request our Internal USIMAC Braille Test (passing with a score of 80% or higher) 



After reviewing the information above, email your Statement of Qualification, which includes a copy of your certificate, your completed PBN Test, along with your desire to become a PBN member to pbn@usdb.org. An evaluation team will evaluate your Statement of Qualifications and let you know if you have met the qualifications to be on the Approved Vendor List. If you have qualified to be included on the Approved Vendor List we will respond within 14 business days (if you do not hear back from us within this time frame please send it again). To be included on the Approved Vendor List you must be in good standing with USDB. In order to expedite the process, below is a list of documents you will also need to provide.   

DO NOT SEND DOCUMENTS UNTIL WE REQUEST THEM (with the exception of your Braille certificate and Statement of Qualifications)

· Copy of LOC, Nemeth, UEB and any other related Braille certifications 

· Statement of Qualifications/Letter of Interest

· UEB Internal Test 

· Current Resume

· Signed PBN Price List Form

· Tax ID or SS#: 

· Copy of your Driver’s License front & back

· Copy of your SS Card front & back 

· EFT form/Direct Deposit & Canceled Check or Bank Statement


For Information on how to become a certified Braille Transcriber in the USA, please visit NFB Braille Certification Program. The course takes, on average, 6 to 12 months to complete but there is no fee to do so. 




USIMAC provides educational materials for all students with print-related disabilities who are qualified under the Chafee Amendment or otherwise eligible through a current IEP or 504 plan throughout the state of Utah age's birth to 21. We originally began our transcriber network using the same model as the American Printing House for the Blind in Kentucky; however, over the years we have molded the program to work best with our state and our government's procurement/production policies.