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General Resources

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American Printing House for the Blind(APH)

 The  American Printing House for the Blind manufactures textbooks and other  educational publications for students who are visually impaired. APH  also provides publications useful to adults, such as cookbooks and  dictionaries.


APH Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) Database

Database created by APH to help understand more about Cortical Visual  Impairment. Database contains resources and medical information  regarding CVI.


Braille Authority of North America (BANA)

 The  mission of the Braille Authority of North America is to assure literacy  for tactile readers through the standardization of braille and/or  tactile graphics. 

The purpose of BANA is to  promote and to facilitate the uses, teaching, and production of braille.  Pursuant to this purpose, BANA will promulgate rules, make  interpretations, and render opinions pertaining to braille codes and  guidelines for the provisions of literary and technical materials and  related forms and formats of embossed materials now in existence or to  be developed in the future for the use of blind persons in North  America. 


Louis Database

 Louis  contains information on accessible print materials produced by about  160 organizations throughout the United States. These materials include  books in braille, large print, audio, and electronic file format. Louis also lists products developed by APH. 


National Federation of the Blind

National organization that promotes and represents the Blind community. 


Learning Ally

The  information on this site ranges from a basic overview of literacy to  various stages of development and special challenges, as well as an  exploration of different media (print, braille, auditory strategies). 


Utah Resources

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Utah Assistive Technology Program


 The  UATP is a federally funded program serving individuals with  disabilities of all ages throughout the state of Utah. Our job is to  provide assistive technology devices and services as well as train  university students, parents, children with disabilities and  professional service providers about assistive technology. We coordinate  our services with community organizations and others who provide  independence-related supports to individuals with disabilities.


Utah Augmentative, Alternative, Assistive Communications & Technology Team


Utah  Department of Workforce Services was the first state in the nation to  consolidate employment and public assistance programs. Today, more than  2,200 Workforce Services employees assist individuals in preparing for  and finding jobs, meeting workforce needs of Utah businesses,  administering temporary assistance, and providing economic data and  analysis. 


Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Founded in 1988 the Utah foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired strives to help students achieve success in their daily lives. 


Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

 Today, the Schools for the Deaf and the Blind stand as a proud symbol of  Utah's Educational heritage and enthusiastically contemplate the  challenges and rewards that lie ahead in their second century! 


National Instructional Materials Accessible Standard (NIMAS)

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National Instructional Materials Access Center


NIMAC  is a federally-funded, searchable online file repository of K-12 print  textbook content in the XML-based NIMAS (National Instructional  Materials Accessibility Standard) format. More than 41,000 K-12  textbooks from 120 publishers have been converted to NIMAS and are  presently housed in our searchable database. 


National Center on Accessible Educational Materials


Provides  resources and technical assistance for educators, parents, students,  publishers, conversion houses, accessible media producers.