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Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF is an electronic file format that is a digital duplicate of the print book with searchable text. It can be stored directly on many devices, easily transported using a flash drive or CD, and can be viewed on computers and tablets that have software capable of viewing PDF files. We recommend using Adobe Reader for best results on your desktop computer. 

Your PDF can be delivered to you as a whole book in one file, or in separate sections such as units or chapters at your request. 


For small workbooks and worksheets, a PDF can be enhanced with fillable boxes, letting students fill in answers and, for example, submit a completed assignment. Fillable PDFs also have tools for students to draw and type directly to the file -- making the PDF even more interactive. Fillable PDFs work best when all parties using them use Adobe Reader.

PDF page

PDF page

Instructions Fillable PDF

Fillable PDF Instructions (pdf)




DAISY books are a more accessible audio format for listeners than our traditional MP3 audio. Better accessibility comes in two forms: enhanced navigation control and readable text with the audio.

DAISY audio files structure audio tracks in an outline format, or according to a hierarchy of "levels". Devices that read DAISY files allow the user to change the level of navigation and move between parts of the book on that level only. Users can also choose to navigate by sentence, paragraph, and page. This can make navigating many books much simpler.

With DAISY audio books and the proper software or device, you also have the option of seeing the text as it is read aloud. Readers can leave bookmarks at certain spots in the book, and most devices will remember where you were last reading when you open your book. 

DAISY books can be produced by USIMAC as audio only, text and audio, or text only.

**DAISY audio files require specific devices or software to play. Check your device for compatibility with DAISY audio.

Check out www.daisy.org for more information.

**Math books in audio (MP3 and DAISY) present a significant challenge in order to be produced. Software technologies are in development that will allow better and easier production of audio math in the future (MathML).

**For in house projects only we don't currently have the capability to produce the following books in DAISY audio: Math, Maps, Atlas, Typing or Keyboarding type books (we'll e-mail you if this occurs).

Daisy Logo

Daisy Logo



The ePUB format has recently become the standard file format for electronic books (e-books). These books can be read by certain book reading software or apps on tablet devices, computers, and even some cell phones. Check your device or software for compatibility with ePUB.

ePUB files are a reformatted version of a book, not a direct reproduction. It contains the complete text from the book, is readable by text-to-speech (TTS) software, and text can be increased in size without losing quality or sharpness. ePUB files may also contain many images from the book.


Thousands of ePub books are available for FREE through The Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg E-Books. Follow the link below from your device to download the catalog to your iPad or Kindle device.

The Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg E-Books

ePub logo

ePub logo